Welsh Vernacular Range

A range of stools and benches hand-made in oak and upholstered in British wool fabrics.

Inspired by home-made furniture from Welsh farms from the 1700’s onwards, our range is handmade in our workshops in Llangadog from locally sourced oak. The legs are spokeshaved and ‘wedged’ by hand to give a genuine rustic finish.

The upholstery is handstitched to a piped edge giving a unique finish to each piece.

Pig Bench

Inspired by the vernacular pig bench in our local pub, this bench is ideal for a hallway with wellingtons underneath or as an occasional addition to the kitchen table. (Pig benches were used on farms to dismember pigs after slaughter but thankfully we now have butchers for this task).

Dimensions 100cm x 80cm


Fireside Stool

Traditionally used in the farmhouse to perch on whilst stoking the fire, this stool remains ideal for topping up the log burner as well as simply putting your feet up.

Dimensions 80cm x 30cm



Pembroke Milking Stool

Named after a rare (irregular hexagon) shaped stool picked up in an antique shop in Pembroke, this stool is high enough to sit on or put your feet up on.

Dimensions 20cm x 40cm



Traditional Milking Stool

Based on circular milking stools the world over, we don’t recommend for use to actually milk any cows. Ideal as a footrest or to perch on whilst stocking the log burner.

Dimensions 20cm x 30cm


Bespoke pieces

We are happy to modify any of the above designs to your specifications, from large benches to longer footstools. We can also work with a variety of different wool fabrics.